The Bulltuff brand was developed, recognising a potential gap in the market for a low cost, good quality range of work gloves WITH A STRONG RECOGNISABLE BRAND. We designed the product with a higher quality rubber coating finding a good balance of dexterity, warmth and durability. We have received excellent customer and consumer feedback highlighting the quality and the recognisable brand / packaging. This creates the opportunity for our retail customers to increase margins due to the higher perceived value associated with the brand.
  The Bulltuff brand was developed, recognising a potential gap in the market for a low cost, good quality range of work gloves WITH A STRONG RECOGNISABLE BRAND. We designed the product with a higher quality rubber coating finding a good balance of dexterity, warmth and durability. We have received excellent customer and consumer feedback highlighting the quality and the recognisable brand / packaging.  This creates the opportunity for our retail customers to increase margins due to the higher perceived value associated with the brand.   

CLASSIC work glove

The workhorse. Suitable for construction, DIY, gardening etc. High quality durable palm gives excellent protection and comfort. Increased feel coupled with wet / dry grip makes this an essential purchase.  


THERMAL work glove

For crisp early mornings and colder days the thermal glove offers incredible comfort and breathability whilst retaining heat. High quality palm ensures that these exceed expectations at a great price point.  


Delivery & service

With our extensive distribution partners and own vehicles Bulltuff can deliver. UK stock ensures that we can meet your requirements. 



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